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Firmware updates N-664 v1.15 and v2.12 are available. Updates are cumulative. The highest upgrade version includes all previous updates. Check your N-664 web interface for your processor version 1 or 2. The current version is at the bottom of any web page on the device. Use the appropriate file for your model. "bin" for v1 and "hex" for v2.


Download the firmware N-664_1.15.bin file for 1st generation processor, firmware v1.xx only.

Download the firmware N-664-2.14.hex file for 2nd generation processor, firmware v2.xx only.

Download the SNMP mib file N-664.mib 


Download the firmware file to your local computer. Connect to the N-664 web browser interface, login and select "Upload Firmare" on the main menu.


Use the Browse button to point to the file then press "Upload". When the upload is finsished, the page will indicate that power needs to be cycled for the new firmware to take effect.


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