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Media Converters

IEEE802.3u,z Optical Ethernet Compatible

Product Options

Product Package:
Flush Mount/Stand Alone Unit stand alonehelp
Rack Card for afi SR-20/2 or SR50/5  rack cardhelp
Rack Card for IFS R3 Rack  R3 card help

PoE Options (PSE): help
PoE+ 802.3at - 30 Watts on each port
PoE-HP - 60 Watts on one port help

UTP Ethernet Ports (10/100/1G):
2 RJ45 Ports - Standard
1 RJ45 Port - For applications where the second RJ45 is not desired.

Optical Ethernet Ports:
One Optical Ethernet Port stand alone help
Two Optical Ethernet Ports ethrptr help
Fiber Optic Connector:
SC Connectors SC
ST Connectors ST

Optical Ethernet Options

Optical Ethernet Speed:
Fast Ethernet (100)
Gigabit Ethernet (1000)
Optical Fiber Type:
Optical Fibers per Port:
Dual Fiber Ethernet  ethp2p
One Fiber Ethernet   ethp2p1f

Optical Ethernet Standard:

100BASE-FX   2 Multimode Fibers, 1310nm, 2Km


Product Notes:

  • Download the Ethernet products app note: pdf
  • All models are compatible with IEEE802.3u,z Optical Ethernet specifications.
  • For highly secure networks, all models are available with only one RJ45 port.
  • All RJ45 ports are Triple Speed - Auto MDI/MDIX.
  • PoE is only available on Flush Mount/Stand Alone units.
  • Stand alone without PoE include a 12 VDC power supply, model PS-12D.
  • The Power Supply for a PoE unit is ordered separately and is selected by the total power required for the media converter (~5W) plus the powered devices. Click here to see the available models.
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