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Media converters, repeaters, switches and more...

All Ethernet products meet the IEEE802.3 standard and have the compatibility ID built into the part numbers. Whether it is 100Base or 1000Base, singlemode or multitmode, our products meet the Ethernet -FX, -SX, -LX, -ZX and other standards. This assures inter-operability with existing network infrastructure.

AFI's Ethernet product line provides a wide variety of transmission and switching products. The Mini 3 and 4 port switches are used as media converters or optical repeaters in Ethernet networks bringing together the head end and edge. Our hardened devices are engineered and manufactured in the USA to meet the tough requirements outside of the Network operation Center where environments are not controlled. Models with PoE injectors built-in are available to be used as a "fiber optic midspan power inserter". Power can be provided for up to two ports or up to 60 Watts to power cameras, access panels, other other PoE compatible devices.

Use the Mini Port Model Generator as an aid in selecting the right part number for your application.

Managed switches from 10 to 24 ports are available in configurations for a wide variety of applications with different configurations of wired and SFP ports. An variety of SFP modules are available to meet the needs of any installation and distance requirement.

The Net-IO series of products allow traditional security system signals, alarm contacts and RS data, to be tunneled through Ethernet networks. Signals can be connected through hardware or software or controlled directly trough the device web page portal.

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