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960H is a standard for security cameras and security DVR's that provides high resolution images using advanced image sensors. Security cameras capable of 960H produce an image that is 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels large (960x480).

960H is an analog video system compatible with existing RG59/u cables. Fiber optic systems are a natural partner for 960H to maintain the higher resolution and real time video display. Our systems provide >700tvl resolution over the entire distance range and loss budget of the products with consistant signal to noise ratio.

Click pdf for spec sheets.
Base Model # Spec Video Fibers MM SM Comments
M910-20 pdf right 1 dot   2 Km distance limit
M910-20SL pdf right 1   dot  
91600-20 pdf 16right 1 dot   2 Km distance limit
916100-20SL pdf 16right 1   dot  
Parent Category: Fiber Optics
Category: Video