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Afinety System Status Monitor

Now system administrators and authorized security professionals can have access to their fiber optic security system operation from any network computer. The AFINETY System is an innovative password protected remote monitoring system that allows instant verification of the status of an American Fibertek digital video system.

AFINETY is compatible with all web browsers with Java-script support including; MS IE, Firefox, Opera and Galleon. AFINETY will alert on “hard” or “soft” failures via e-mail. Alarms can be instantly evaluated and tech support can react accordingly.

AFINETY provides a direct ID/status link to each enabled transceiver in the system. Information includes site name and location, the sub-rack ID, the type of device in each sub-rack slot, device serial number and the unit run-time in hours. Status indicators include power, video level, optical loss, temperature, contact closure and signal verification.

Afinety ScreenShot
AFINETY Brochure - A comprhensive look at features and functions.

AFINETY Demo - See how AFINETY keeps you informed of system operation and status.

Minimum System Components include:
  • SR20D/2 Fiber Equipment Rack
  • RD20D Controller Card
AFINETY Compatible Application Cards:
  • 910D Video
  • 911D Video / Sensornet
  • 913D Video / Multi-Protocol Data
  • 915D Video / Multi-Protocol Data / CC
  • 940D Four Channel Video
  • 946D Four Channel Video & Data CC
  • 980D Eight Channel Video
  • 986D Eight Channel Video & Data CC
  • 81D Eight Channel Contact Closure
  • 82D Sixteen Channel Contact Closure
  • 480D Multi-Protocol Data
  • 482D Dual Channel Data
  • 91P088D Video & 2Channel Audio
  • 91P558D Video / Audio / Dual Data
  • 91P589D Video / Audio / Data / CC
  • 91P899D Video / Audio / Dual CC
Additional Downloads:
AFINETY Spec Sheet - System Technical Specifications

RD-20D AFINETY Controller Card Spec Sheet - Monitor Card Technical Specifications.

RD-20D AFINETY Controller Card Manual - Complete installation, setup, programming and operations information.

AFINETY RS232 Comm Port Viewer Program - View status through an RS232 port for added security.

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