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Fiber Optics


CCTV Fiber Optic Products for transmission of video, voice and data.

AFI transmission systems are designed to be a transparent interface between video, audio and data communications devices such as cameras, DVRs and NVRs, monitors, servers, access control equipment and alarm systems.

Video product are available for single channels and multiplexed up to sixty four channels over a single fiber optic cable. Our newest products feature configurable data channels that may be set by the user for RS232, RS422 or RS485. This feature is available on systems for tranmission of data signals or combined with video channels.

Compatible intecom transmission systems are available for a wide variety of products available in the market place. Our newest system interfaces to Commend's digital intercom.

Alarm contacts that require supervsion may now be transmitted using our new 88 series. See our New Products page for more information.

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