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AFI fiber optic solution for CCTV system at Kuwait’s elegant new Avenues Mall

August 4, 2013 By Emma Procter

KUWAIT – The stunning Avenues Mall of Kuwait is a leisure destination boasting an impressive blend of luxury shopping, international restaurants and a variety of entertainment features such as a 10 screen Cinescape and dome areas to host numerous exhibitions.

The first and second phases of the mall were officially launched in 2007, with the third phase opened last year – there are two more phases yet to go. This latest expansion stretches to more than 450,000 sq m of space and is spread across various ‘districts’ whose architecture reflects the look and mood of the world’s most glamorous cities, such as New York and Paris.

The Kuwaiti developer and owner Mabanee is moving forward with phases four and five of a plan to make the Avenues one of the world’s leading malls both in terms of visitor numbers and retail outlets, apart from cafes, restaurants, and other leisure units, with further expansion planned.

The security challenges that had to be overcome in this project included the fact that due to the size and complex shape of the mall, many of the cameras in service are in tricky areas such as corridors, back of buildings and car park areas. But to avoid any unwanted incidents, the mall’s security management team insisted on covering and monitoring all areas.

To keep the premises ultra secure, around 2000 Vicon CCTV cameras were installed all around the mall for surveillance and security purposes. The cameras are connected to the field data rooms and camera signals are transmitted through a fiber optic network to the main control room – American Fibertek’s (AFI, USA) multi-channel multimode fiber optic transmitters were selected for the project.

“We have known American Fibertek for many years and have used them in many other projects,” said a spokesman for Kuwait based low voltage systems provider Specialised Security Systems Company (SSS), responsible for carrying out the installation works. “We have always found their products to be of a superior quality and highly reliable. Failure rates are extremely low and support is excellent. Also, AFI has all kinds of fiber optic solutions,” he added.

AFI’s MTX/MRX-8885C and MRT/MRR-880C multi-channel models are used for the live transmission of signals without any delay or signal degradation at The Avenues. These products transmit eight cameras signals over a single fiber core, both data and video. Megapixel cameras use AFI’s MX-49-LX-SL Gigabit Ethernet fiber modules to meet the high bandwidth requirements. The company’s Ethernet devices provide a wide assortment of switches, media convertors and repeaters, and provide real world ‘security system’ signals, tunneling over networks to bridge traditional and IP security systems.


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