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V’nes Alleviates Complex Convergence Challenges.

Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2008) – American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI), the security industry’s leading independent supplier of fiber optic transmission systems for security applications, is exhibiting its family of integrated V’nes  (Video Network Enterprise Solution) systems components here at ISC West.  Included in the V’nes portfolio and on display at the AFI exhibit are the Commander Series IP Communications Switch, Scout Series Environmental Monitoring System, Pilot Series Networked System Management Solution, Director Series Dedicated Server Storage Solutions, MaxiView Series Video Streamers, and MX Series Multi Port Media Converters.

“V’nes represents a major leap forward for the security industry by providing the technology to help organizations move to an IP-based video surveillance and security platform, regardless of any pre-existing system components, infrastructure or protocols,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI.  “Each component in the V’nes line-up is purpose-built to deliver the functionality and operational integrity that is required for professional network-based video surveillance operations. V’nes delivers all the components and software required for seamless systems integration.”  

Designed to provide systems designers an “Open Path” to integrate IP and analog systems operation, V’nes is the industry’s only comprehensive video surveillance network solution that delivers control, management and transmission capabilities specifically for professional security applications.  It accommodates any combination of video surveillance, access control, point of sale, voice and data system devices operating on an analog, IP or hybrid platform from virtually any manufacturer. 

“Customers are generally eager to directly move to IP-based systems or create hybrids with existing analog systems and integrate all of their security sub-systems onto one platform but have been inhibited to do so by technology or a lack thereof,” said Mr. Fernandes.  “V’nes solves these issues by delivering a network transmission platform on which any number of security technologies can be seamlessly integrated.”

Key components of the V’nes product portfolio include:

Commander Series IP Communications Hub and Network Switch – Multi-functional in its purpose, the Commander is an environmentally hardened IP communications center wrapped around a 10-port network switch that offers environmental and power line  monitoring, bi-directional RS232/485 communications, self-monitoring, pop-up alerts, alarm notifications, logging, polling and network management with interactive searches. In addition, Commander’s unique Portflow™ features alerts users when video bandwidth drops  below required performance levels so they can monitor and preserve the integrity of their video signals.

Scout Series
Network Environmental Monitoring System (NEMS) – Scout remotely monitors user-defined environmental conditions including temperature, airflow and humidity levels plus fan failures and power line changes, and provides notification of impending failures to system administrators so they can take appropriate action and preserve the integrity and continued operation of critical systems.  It incorporates a built-in server with no requirement for any client software or Active X component and is compatible with most web browsers and operating systems including Linux and Apple.

Pilot Series
Management Software – For total control of video, data and voice, Pilot is the ideal choice because it is compatible with most manufacturer’s IP cameras, DVRs and video streamers for integration into virtually any system configuration.  This fully-featured solution includes site mapping, cascading server operation, client to client communication, VoIP (voice over IP), data integration, and redundant server back up and its unique alarm profile generator allows for the custom programming of thousands of alarm conditions with specific responses.

Director Series
Dedicated Server Storage – Available in various space saving configurations, these dedicated servers are self contained while multiple bay server/storage systems are configured in RAID 1, 5 and 10 standards for optimal network performance. Director uniquely combines both storage management and security applications with Pilot software on a single platform.

The combination of Director and Pilot series products offers security users a choice of purchasing a complete security system or software only depending upon their application and budgetary requirements. Both products offer a unique modular design approach that assures users that software and hardware technology can be immediately applied without the need to wait months to take advantage of new technological advances.

MaxiView Series Real Time Video Streamers – Equipped with Dynamic Streaming Control for maximum quality and efficient storage and bandwidth management, the MaxiView component employs user defined parameters for automated streaming.

MX Series Multi Port Media Converters – The new MX Series allows the connection of Ethernet or UTP to fiber optics for high performance, high speed transmission with exceptional bandwidth and cost-efficiencies.  When combined with Commander Series switch products, the MX Series provides easy and cost effective solutions to convert any number of ports from twisted pair to fiber.

The MX product series multi-port design saves both installation time and costs by combining multiple Ethernet ports on single fibers. Used as a total transportation design in module or rack forms, large numbers of cameras, DVRs, NVRs can be carried over single fibers.

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