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In 1984, the cost of a first class postage stamp was 20 cents and Ronald Reagan had just been elected to his second term in office. In the video surveillance and security arena, the CCTV market was in the process of shedding its stodgy reputation and re-creating itself as a high tech industry. Into this environment, American Fibertek Inc. (AFI) was introduced with a focus on the newly revolutionized industry.

“AFI was founded 25 years ago with a Fiber Optic product line for audio, video and data products that focused primarily on the high growth security industry,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. “Since then, we have grown from a small five person office in Manhattan to a global business with headquarters and manufacturing now located in a 24,000 square foot facility with more than 65 employees.”

Through their 25 years, AFI has built a reputation for quality, for pioneering new technology and for developing comprehensive solutions to a continually changing security market. AFI was the first company to provide AGC with its video products; the first company to utilize single fiber bi-directional technology, and now, one of the first companies to offer fiber optic solutions for hybrid and IP-based video systems installations. Throughout their history, AFI has developed and marketed products that are leaders in product features and benefits.

“The company is built on innovation and this has provided a very solid foundation to allow AFI to continue to develop advanced product/system solutions for this rapidly changing market,” adds Mr. Fernandes. “Today, we offer a full line of Fiber Optic and IP-based video surveillance solutions that include hardware, firmware and software and these product solutions are marketed worldwide. As always, our development strategy is based on continuing to supply a leading edge, innovative and cost competitive product/system design.”

While products and location may have changed in the past 25 years, the service and support provided by AFI has remained a constant throughout the growth of the company. Customer support is available 24/7 and each customer inquiry is handled by a direct AFI contact rather than through an electronic routing system.

According to Mr. Fernandes, this year the company will be issuing commemorative literature that will highlight AFI’s strength and long-standing tenure within the industry. He adds, “During these tough economic times, it is important to reaffirm with customers that the suppliers they select for their system solutions will be around to service them and provide scalable solutions for future implementation. AFI will be around for the long haul and we will be reinforcing that message everywhere we interact with our customers and our partners.”

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